Jim-Dar & Company is a wholesale manufacturer of feather pillow inserts.  We provide solutions to a broad range of interior designers, decorators, upholsterers, and retail establishments looking for premium pillow inserts.  Take a look at the types of products and services we offer our clients.

Standard and Custom Feather Pillow Inserts

We offer both standard and custom pillow insert solutions. We have a range of in-house designs that are suitable for most situations. Our decades of experience in the industry means that we have a knack for what our customers are looking for.

If you’re a designer or decorator with ideas of your own, you may have custom requirements for your pillow inserts. Our team of specialists can work with you to design the perfect pillow insert for your needs.

A Local Focus: Kansas City, Kansas

As a locally owned business for nearly four decades, there is a reason our customers keep coming back. We provide quick turnover and require no minimum order. We can arrange pickup and delivery throughout metropolitan Kansas City. Being centrally located, we can quickly ship to anywhere in the U.S

Please Contact Us About Your Wholesale Feather Pillow

Please contact us about your wholesale feather pillow requirements. So, if you’re in the market for a premium pillow insert, it’s time to get in
touch with our experts. Our team of specialists has worked with a variety of clients, and we have what it takes to fulfill an order of any
size. Give a call today and let our team talk over your requirements and provide you with a personalized quote.

Have questions about any of our products & services?